I need to keep writing in this life dairy. 


dating Christine

failing stats

hardest semester yet

out of shape


no job

but still have Christine

MY depressions….

sorry to cause you trouble, christine.

Great way to finish off my first year

Math -A

Chem -B+

Econ -B+

Acct -A


almost a 4.0 gpa semester 

Christine love these

should i confront him

tbh, idk what i want to do…

i know nick likes christine. 

im not jealous

im just annoyed at his actions for/with her.

wont it all be better if nick likes someone else?


Cat is All Like, WHERE’D THE MOUSE GO?
A great way to drive your cat to madness and get scratches on your iPad in the process!


Cat is All Like, WHERE’D THE MOUSE GO?

A great way to drive your cat to madness and get scratches on your iPad in the process!



i was asking christine for help with econ paper, right?

then i typed ww2, and used the 2 instead of the roman numeral 

and i remember that nick taught her roman numerals….

and it still hurts…

idk, it just hurts me everytime i thought about how i tried to teach her two times before and she didnt learn it, and she learned from nick afterwards… 

idk, i wish i can forget this whole thing… :’( 

idk, it really hurt still…


Fifth day of our relationship

first real outing date. so i decided to pay for everything today

we decided to go to galveston’s aquarium 

agenda: lunch at niners, went to galveston, beach first, then aquarium, then dinner at chilis, message in bottle, come back to sugar land for movies with lou and shannon, then denny’s for snack, and finally NT park.

lunch, wow… first they got our order wrong and then it even cost 18 bucks… at least the food was good

beach and galveston, i would say the best time of the day. took pictures, then went for a run, then piggy back ride, and spinning piggy back ride, then wrote our name in the sand and finally our first kiss.

aquarium at moody gardens, wow… not worth it at all!!! 45 bucks! and it didnt even last two hours…. so disappointing…

chilis, it was nice, relaxing, waitress was nice and fast and awesome. food was pretty good too

message in a bottle, we did a quick stop at the beach again and did one of christine’s bucket list. write a message in our bottle and threw it out. the message was just saying it was our first date, and we are doing that because we are trying to finish off christine’s bucket list.

movie, the drive back was horrible… took so long and i think the gps gave us the long way home. i drove so fast that christine was scared…. sorry, honey. but the movie itself was so so… they mixed up the super heros, and i dont like that. 

denny’s, omg, the egg in a basket was sooooooo good!!!! it tasted sooo good! the only bad thing about it was there were people smoking… =/

park, hahaha, it was nice! i got five kisses from christine. one at each light pole. i was surprised that she was willing to give that many kisses to me. 

overall, i held christine’s hand for a good 80% of the time. i liked it, she said she liked it, and i hope it is true. that would be awesome. and i would rate today a good 9.6/10. the only bad part was missing the movie and smoking at dennys.

today, christine looked amazing with her chapstick. Amazing!!! 10/10!!! a DIME!!!


First time holding Christine’s hand.

It was nice and warm and small.

and my stupid hands decides to sweat… 

then i had to let go…